Crest Technologies was started 2 years ago, with the purpose of building Flight & aviation support services and software. After a thorough study of the aviation market, we identified a niche market in providing efficient, effective & consistently reliable services, in the ground and fuelling services support. We wanted to differentiate ourselves, by building processes that use intelligent custom-built software and other E-Channels to deliver efficient and cost-effective flight support services to commercial airlines, private section operators and government aviation authorities. Our application Volatus©, is the culmination of the 4 years of hard work, and is built to simplify the flight permits, flight planning, ground and navigation support services. Volatus is cloud-based application, which allows customers and Crest staff to quickly & easily, schedule, review and fulfill flight support service requests. The application is in Alpha testing and requires some refinement before being release for Beta testing with customers. Also, most recently and with the success of the blockchain and the cryptocurrency markets, we recognised a secondary opportunity to integrate Crest support services, Volatus© , and blockchain. Future releases of our software are planned to allow customers to pay via cryptocurrency (Quint coin) as a valid payment option. This will provide a platform to deliver earnings via flight support services as well as the crypto market. .
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